Karen Zazon grew up in Detroit, Michigan where, even as a young child, her family acknowledged her artistic abilities and encouraged her to draw.  She was already exhibiting and selling art in her early teens and was honored with achievements throughout high school.

Karen furthered her education in the arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder and later pursued a career in graphic arts while raising two children. She served as art director and designer for several advertising agencies and created her own design firm in the eighties. Zazon gave up the corporate world of advertising and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1989 to return to the simplistic joys of creating art when she was young. She got a job in a pottery studio drawing and painting intricate scenes on dinnerware, vases and tiles. “The cut in pay was worth the pursuit of happiness,” says Zazon. The earthy palette of the Southwest is evident in her paintings and also reflects her serene lifestyle. 

Karen moved from Santa Fe to Santa Barbara in 2005 - a move which has proven to be transformational in her painting style. "I think it is the movement and vastness of the ocean that finally pushed me into the new realm of painting abstract. It is very exciting and freeing."