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I grew up in Detroit, Michigan where, even as a young child, my family acknowledged my artistic abilities and encouraged me to draw. I was already exhibiting and selling art in my early teens and was honored with achievements throughout high school.


I continued my education in the arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder and later pursued a career in graphic arts while raising two children. I served as art director and designer for several advertising agencies and created my own design firm in the eighties. After leaving the corporate world, I was invited to be "Artist in Residence" at the Verrocchio Art Centro in a small village in Siena, Italy. This experience turned out to be life changing and proved to be transformational in my painting style, moving from representational painting into a more abstract realm of capturing my inner world.

My endeavors into abstract painting allow me the freedom to enjoy “the process” instead of concentrating on the outcome. My goal for the audience is to entice them with a sense of mystique to find their own meaning and interpretation beyond just color and form.

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